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Your Questions on Laser Tag Answered laser tag for anyone, anywhere, anytime (well... almost) Thu, 07 May 2009 03:54:42 +0000 en hourly 1 Laser Tag Shootout as a Corporate Event Thu, 16 Oct 2008 04:09:47 +0000 admin Laser Tag games are gaining popularity not just as themed birthday parties, but as a corporate team bonding or team building event.

The thought of “killing” someone may not be (or may be) common at your work place but at anergy laser shootout, we see colleagues “shooting” one another during our games all the time. Of course the idea of shooting someone should never be taken seriously but there are benefits to getting involved with a shootout programme.

Being a high energy event, the laser shootout programme will leave a lasting impression on the participants and they will be talking about it for weeks to come (we need to re-emphasise hat there will not be any paint marks or bruise marks from our laser tag games).

Laser Shootouts are fun, no questions about it. We’ve seen grown men behave like children once they lay their hands on our laser tag guns. Contrary to popular belief that only men will enjoy this game, we’ve done countless of almost all ladies groups and, they too, loved the game and are able to complete the missions. In fact, some female participants shoot better than the men!

Our laser tag games are also mobile. we are able to set up in a public park (most of the time) or if budget permits, we can set up in an indoor enviornment (like hall or ballroom) we just need some over turned tables and permission from the hotel. We can also bring in some other types of obstacles like carton boxes or inflatable obstacles.

The different missions will bring out the teams’ ability to plan, communicate, adapt and motivate one another to achieve the mission objectives. Our laser tag teambuilding programme will give participants a chance to exercise their leadership skills. They will need to leverage on the strengths of individual members and deploy them to maximise team effectiveness.

Our laser shootout programme can give participatns a good exercise. Some missions will require participants to push themselves a little to get the job done, others are more static like our texas shootout challenge. So depending on the fitness level of your group, we will be able to customise the missions to meet your needs.

Last but not least, it’s affordable. if we compare our laser shootout game with the more traditional paintball, where the price is tied to the number of rounds fired, we are much more affordable as our price is tied to time.

Do feel free to drop us an enquiry to find out more.

How are you different from the other company that claims that they are the sole distributor to laser tag equipment in Singapore? Sun, 27 Apr 2008 16:50:58 +0000 admin This is also the answer to, “Why do you claim that you have been running laser tag games since 2005, when you are launching your laser tag division only in 2008?”


It seems a little confusing, we know, and we have been asked enough times already, so do allow us to explain this once and for all.


Since early 2003, we have been running a teambuilding business named Anergy The Fun Engineers (it was thereafter incorporated in 2004 as a company named Anergy Fun Engineers Pte. Ltd., or Anergy in short) specialising in corporate teambuilding activities. In end 2005, we were approached by an ex-facilitator (who stopped part-time work with us to embark on a full-time career with a now-defunct outdoor laser tag company), to start a new company specialising in laser tag activites. Sensing the potential to complement our existing business, we invested a sum of money and our corporate experience to help start up the company, with us holding a small share in the company.


That company survived initial struggles and was eventually able to establish itself as the only company (then) doing laser tag activities in Singapore, holding exclusive rights to a few brands of equipment locally. In Feb 2008, we discovered that our then-partner started another company with a relative to do teambuilding activities.  Knowing that there would inevitably be conflict of interest, and failing to get the partner to isolate himself from that new business, we decided to sell our shares back to that ex-partner, and had to start our own laser tag division to continue our teambuilding business.


There are a few things you need to know that sets us apart from our competition: Firstly, our people are our greatest advantage - our departure as shareholders from that company saw an exodus of senior crew from it, of whom have most kindly chosen to support and assist us with the running of our own laser tag division. These cream of the crop talents coupled with our handpicked selection of newer crew, are the ones who make your session a professional and memorable one!


Secondly, the principal vendor has decided (in our favour) that the exclusive rights to one of the top brands of laser tag equipment are now shared between Anergy and the other company. Our guns are solely from that one brand which adopts superior laser tag technology, thereby ensuring that all our equipment have the independent gun scoring feature - it’s always good to know who shot you and how many times. This makes the game much more exciting as opposed to not knowing who shot you when you get “hit”. Most importantly, our equipment are constantly maintained, cleaned with soap, and they are in 100% working condition (including the reload buttons). 


Thirdly, as we are trying to grow our membership base for our anergy monster club now, we are still charging 2005 prices, even when we provide newer guns!


Fourthly, our corporate teambuilding package that is conducted by trainers is in fact conducted by qualified trainers - you can request to take a look at our trainers’ C.V. if you are taking our corporate teambuilding package (by trainers).


Fifthly, we believe in being transparent with our charges. We offer 3-mission packages up-front, as we know majority of people play 3 missions instead of 2, so ultimately, you won’t be topping up for the 3rd mission at a higher price even though you thought 2 missions was enough. However, if you really just want 2 missions, we would be happy to match the rates quoted to you by other companies offering similar products.


Lastly, your safety is our priority. We provide iced water free-of-charge during our sessions to make sure you keep hydrated. If you prefer alternatives, we sell chilled canned drinks at only S$1 per can. Also, samples of every model of our guns have been tested by HSA and checked by the police, and we have been granted permit to use them for combat simulation games.


If you have any other queries regarding us or our programmes, please feel free to drop us an enquiry and we’d be happy to assist.


Laser Shootout Guns Wed, 16 Apr 2008 04:26:33 +0000 admin We believe in quality. We take great pains to take care of our equipment, train our staff and educate our clients to take care of our equipment so as to ensure that when you play laser shootout with us, our guns are in tip top condition. Regardless of a casual fun shootout or birthday party celebration or coproate teambuilding booking, you will still get to use the most advanced guns from us.

Our equipment is hand made from USA, using advanced technology in the laser tag arena. Each of these guns has a Player ID, where you can choose from 100 preset names to represent your call sign. On each gun you will see a LCD screen that has 2 lines of text and numbers.

It says something like “R030 C19″ on the first row, and “002Pinky” on the second row.  “R030″ means you have 30 rounds in this clip (or magazine, the “casette” or container where you keep bullets inside - it is not physically there, it’s just tracked electronically). “C19″ means you have 19 more clips or magazines left with you. These numbers could change, depending on what we set them to be in relation to the mission scenario that we are playing.

“002″ on the second row means this player has 2 lives left, this number will reduce each time the player is “shot”. The “Pinky” or another name that you see after that on the second row, is the Player ID, each gun is preset to a Player ID, usually during a teambuilding session, we will have time for you to change your Player ID.

The guns are also able to do real time, independant gun scoring, meaning, when someone shoots you, at that very moment, his Player ID will show up on your LCD screen. Ofcouse we will not advise you to check who shot you when you get shot, you should be taking cover so that you will not get shot again. You can actually still tace back on who shot you for how many times at the end of the laser tag session by pressing the black button. It will also show you who was the player who “took away” your last “life”.

Another advantage of this new batch of guns is that they can be set to Indoor setting where the beams are more focused and the power is reduced for CQC (close quarter combat) so that the problem of beams bouncing off walls is greatly reduced. Those of you who have played with the older guns indoors or at night will know what we mean by that.

The range of the new guns are also superb, under broad daylight, the largest gun that we have, the charger, can go up to 200+ meters where as the XM22 (the medim range one) can still do a good 100+ meters, even the Razor can do very close to 100 meters under this extremely bright condition. We are also able to reduce the power in terrain where you don’t need that kind of range.

The equipment are all made for combat simulation purposes and therefore are of realistic weight. The Razor is about 1.8kg, the XM is about 2 kg and the charger about 3kg. For kids parties, we will recommend the Razor for ages 5-7, XM for ages 7 and up and the charger only for children of 10+ years, if they can stand the weight.

We have had a few participants that are younger than 5 years old but their parents were hand holding them as it is unlikely that they can carry the Razor by themselves. They still enjoy laser tagging other people very much, just like parents will hold them on kiddy rides.

The size of our eqiupment is also very ideal for combat games. The Razor is about the size of an uzi sub machine gun, it’s 29cm in length, very handy and very popular with the younger children and ladies. The XM is 54cm in length (with stock retracted) and comes with an adjustable stock, makes a very ideal medium range weapon. The charger is the big brother’s choice, it’s 70cm (with stock retracted) and you will be able to stay far away from your enemies and still shoot them down.

During a booking, based on the age of the participants, we will bring a mix of the 3 types of guns if possible, however, if all the participants are young children, then we will only bring the small guns. However, if you do have special requests, just let us konw and we will accommodate to it as long as the guns are not booked for another event.

Words can never explain the excitement and exhilarating experience that our laser shootout can give you. You will have to try it out for yourself!

Why play shooting games - at all? Mon, 07 Apr 2008 13:44:39 +0000 admin Some people ask us why do we want to paly with laser tag guns? Isn’t Singapore a peace loving country? We understand where they are coming from. To illustrate our point we can ask the same question about Boxing, or Wrestling or Rugby. Do they make people more violent? As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. People are all different and we have different preferences.

If dashing around with a toy gun, pointing it at your friend and trying to shoot them is not your cup of tea, we have nothing against it. In fact, we have a whole lot of other games that may appeal to you, just visit this page full of other team building games that we have been running.

What we have found out however, is that when we are not overly obsessed with the “shooting” part of a laser tag game, the game actually accomplishes many things. First of all, it bonds people together, it’s just like playing basket ball or soccer, when you try to outwit, out manoevour and out run the opponent as a team. It’s a team game.

Through the game, participants can also learn about working in teams, leading a group and relaying information to team members, looking out for one another, and motivation.

It doesn’t make us more violent, maybe just fitter ( if you play with us often enough) and have faster reflexes. A good example is our Singapore Army. We have been training soldiers for more than 40 years and we’ve not been in  a war with anyone. Learning martial arts also doesn’t make you more prone to fighting with people, in fact they teach us tolerance.

We must agree that there are other forms of exercises or training that can accomplish the above, our point is, so can laser shootout! and it is really fun, you’ll have to experience it for yourself to find out exactly how. It’s almost as if you are playing the character of a war hero fighting the war, your adrenaline pumps when you are hiding from your enemy or when you are stalking them.

At the end of it, there are winners and losers but nobody gets hurt.

Using Laser Shootout! and other outdoor games to fight obesity Sat, 29 Mar 2008 17:02:57 +0000 admin For the longest time we have been trying to convince schools that the best way to fight obesity is to get the students to play games.

Think about this: if kids can grow fat because of lack of exercise as they spend more and more time infront of the computer either doing school work or playing games, the opposite could happen if they are constantly out of the house playing outdoor games like laser shootout!

Laser Shootout is a fairly physical game, depending on the mission that we paly, some of it may require participants to do a fair bit of sprinting, espeically if they are trying to dodge enemy does fire or to run to a high ground before the enemy. The laser tag equipment are also of realistic weight, at about 1.7 to 3 kg.

Typically when a child (or adult) plays 3 missions with us, the amount of calories burnt could be comparable to playing an hour of street soccer or basketball. The good thing is that they do not feel that they have to will thenselves to run a little longer or harder, beacuse it is such a fun game and because their team mates are out there depending on them, they will just run even if you feel a little tired.

Playing games also makes the session fun instead of stressful. Players can also progress slowly by taking up different roles in a team, if someone is not as fit initially, they can take on the defensive roles first and as their fitness level improves, they will be able to join their friends in the counter attack missions and flanking manoevours.

If you enjoy playing first person shooting games, or if you simply like sports or games that keeps your adrenaline pumping but you have not tried a game of laser shootout!, you do not know what you have been missing. What’s more, there is a promotion now on!

How much do you typically charge for teambuilding sessions? Fri, 28 Mar 2008 15:50:06 +0000 admin As we have been conducting teambuilding sessions for corporate groups for more than 5 years now (since ealry 2003), we understand that different companies have very different teambuilding requirements.

We have 2-tier programme for our laser tag teambuilding sessions, if you just want to have fun with our games and also learn a little about working with one another, we will recommend that you take up one of the teambuilding sessions conducted by our staff. They are very experienced in conducting teambuilding programmes for corporates and we only charge $60 per pax for a 2 hour session, minimum group size is only 10! Watch out for any promotion that we may have, by checking our prices page on our main site.

If you are particular about the trainer and will rather have an experienced trainer conducting your teambuilding session, our minimum group size is 20 (or you can top up for lack of numbers) and the minimum rate for a half-day teambuilding session is $3,800. Our trainers C.V. will be made available upon request, they have experience dealing with groups from diverse, international backgrounds.

If you wish to find out more, you may follow these links to our corporate teambuilding websites:

Anergy Teambuilding & also our list of programmes on our corporate Team Building website.

Q: Do you offer other party arrangements like food and entertainment? Sat, 22 Mar 2008 11:06:09 +0000 admin A: We definitely can help with the food & beverage arrangements for your event. And we also have very experienced party partners to liven and add that special touch to your event! We do charge a 10 to 20 percent fee (depending on project size) for all external arrangements with non-partner though. This is more of a convenience fee for our customers.

We also have experience with outdoor party planning like setting up tentages, brining in sound systems, generators and catering.

Q: Do you accept credit cards? Sat, 22 Mar 2008 11:05:15 +0000 admin A: Credit cards payment facilities are currently available only via PayPal. You can also make payments via bank transfers, cheque or cash.

Q: What if we have to postpone or cancel the event? Sat, 22 Mar 2008 11:05:01 +0000 admin A: 

For private birthday parties, in event of postponement of date or cancellation due to bad weather, a $75 administrative fee is levied and will be deducted from the $200 (non-refundable) deposit. Balance of the deposit will be transferred at deposit for the next booking. 

For corporate bookings, in event of postponement of dates or cancellation by client, the client is responsible for all expenses incurred up to the time of postponement or cancellation, and an additional administrative charge as stipulated below: 

  1. within 24 hours of confirmation        no charges incurred, if above 07 days from event date
  2. above 07 days from event date    $200 admin fee
  3. within 07 days of event date          25% of total fees, min. $200
  4. 2 days before event day or less     25% of total fees, min. $200

 We understand that a need to reschedule may arise, but once a booking is confirmed, we have to reschedule or turn away other groups looking at the same slot. We thank you in advance for your understanding of this policy.

Q: Can I tentatively hold a time slot? Sat, 22 Mar 2008 11:04:46 +0000 admin A: Yes, with a 50 percent deposit, we will book your time slot in our calendar. Please note that the booking is not refundable after the first 24 hours due to the cost of scheduling our equipment and crew.