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kids birthday party, laser tag team building & skirmish combat games

for kids birthday party, corporate teambuilding or private games.

What is Laser Shootout?


Available in Singapore & Hong Kong, Laser Shootout! (using outdoor laser tag technology) is a popular game for kids birthday party (& adults), corporate team building and leisure activities for private groups. Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

Similar to Paintball, Anyone Can Play Skirmish Combat Games

Laser shootout is a painless skirmish combat game, it is similar to paintball, laser mania and laser skirmish. The weapons utilises infra-red technology (infra-red guns) so it does not involve any projectiles. Due to this, there is no age limit for this game but we only allow children 5 years and above to play without assistance from adults.

Adults enjoy our laser shootout! too, especially ladies who used to avoid paintball so as not to get stained or bruises from the game.

Some of us are familiar with laser quest, which is played in a dark room. Laser quest also uses infra-red technology but they are suited for indoor environment and the range is shorter. Our laser tag equipment can be played outdoors (under bright daylight) and the maximum range of the guns can go up to about 200+ metres to 300+ metres (700ft to 1,250ft, depending on model of gun).

Anytime you want

We are open for booking anytime from 9am to 9pm, bookings commencing from 5.30pm will incurr additional charges. As long as you are able to get approval from venue owners, we can even play the game at odd hours.

Almost Anywhere

Our laser tag skirmish combat party can be conducted at almost any venue, as long as the building management approves. Since the game does not leave any mess, there is usually easy to get approval.

We usually run our skirmish combat games at the various national parks locations around Singapore, the terrain and natural obstacles at these parks makes the game realistic and interesting. We will usually need 2 weeks to get nparks approval, except for the few parks we frequent like Bukit Purmei Hillock Park, Katong Park and Serangoon Community Park.

Birthday Party, Corporate Team Building & Private Groups

Some of the common requests for our services include kids birthday party, corporate team building (or combat team building) games as well as leisure games for adults and children. An extensive range of indoor our outdoor games are available upon request.

Laser Tag Teambuilding & Training

We are also able to combine our laser tag games with class room training on topics like leadership, communication or motivation for students and adults.

Our experienced trainers or staff are also able to conduct laser tag teambuilding sessions for corporate groups to focus on learning values like leadership, communicaiton, planning & delegation & motivation.

Another alternative is to run a 2-day workshop on your selected topic and wrap up the session on the last day with a shootout to reinforce the learning values.

kids $35/pax for 3 missions

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Our Equipment

Lazer Tag Team Ops (LTTO): Master Blaster
Lazer Tag Team Ops Guns

Our Regular Guns: Charger
Our Regular Arsenal of Laser Tag Guns

Our laser tag equipment have been specially selected to accommodate to the references of adults as well as children. more...